Chuyên cung cấp thiết bị phòng thí nghiệm giá tốt

Máy đo độ bám dính băng keo (PSTC Tape InitialAdhesion Tester)

MODEL: QC – 805P

Hãng sản xuất: ComeTech

Nơi sản xuất: Taiwan


PSTC Tape Initial Adhesion Tester. This tester is according to PSTC-6. To back-stick (adhesive up) the just opened tape on the table, stick two sides of tape by other glue, clean the tester and steel ball, and then place the tester on adhesive. To let steel ball rolls to specimen adhesive area from up end of tester, measure the rolling distance of steel ball and record and calculate the 5 times average value.

–         Track Length:  6 .5 inch

–        Dimension: 23×6 ×7㎝

–        Weight :800 g

–        Track Angle: 21.3°

–        Ball Diameter:  Dia.7/16″ *31、Dia.7/32″ *5

04-06 tuần sau khi đặt hàng

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