Chuyên cung cấp thiết bị phòng thí nghiệm giá tốt

TF159 Impact Penetration Tester
Standards AATCC 42

TF159 máy đo độ thấm nước
Including Accessories
1 X Manual
1 X Calibration certificate
1 X Packing list
1 X Current limiting plate
1 X Sample holder
1 X Tray
1 X Glass measure cup
1 X Funnel with nozzle
1 X Sampling plate(178 × 330 mm)

–        The size of the spray head 56mm diameter, the hole of spray head is 1mm diameter, 25pcs

  • The distance from the bottom of spray head to the centre of specimen      600 mm
  • The volume of tested water      500 ml
  • The width of clamp                    152 mm
  • Angle                                             45°
  • The specimen size                      178 x 330 mm
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Dimensions: 440 x 290 x 1280 mm (L x W x H)

Standards: AATCC 42

04-06 tuần sau khi đặt hàng

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