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Máy đo độ dẫn điện Emcee 1152

Model: 1152

Hãng sx: Emcee – USA

1152 emcee

Model 1152 Digital Conductivity Meter

(ASTMStandard Test Method D 2624 included in Specifications D975, D1655, and D7566)

Continuous standard electrical conductivity range from 1 to 2000 in increments of 1 picosiemen per meter (pS/m)

Available in other standard and non-standard conductivity ranges up to 20M pS/m

Large digital, liquid crystal display

Reliable advanced integrated circuit design technology

Self check calibration with field adjustment capability

Automatic over range and low battery indication

Capable of storage tank and tanker truck measurement with the use of a short cable or cable reel kit

Powered by 3 readily available alkaline batteries

Electronics housed in a rugged cast aluminum case coated with solvent resistant paint equipped with a detachable stainless steel probe

Approved intrinsically safe design for use in hazardous environments by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) U.S, (UL) Canada and LCIE (Europe)


The Model 1152 Digital Conductivity meter provides a measurement of electrical conductivity of fluids in conductivity units (CU), which are defined as picosiemens per meter in ASTM D2624. The rugged Electro/mechanical design of the Model 1152 meter facilitates ease of use for both laboratory and field applications. Initially the meter was designed and developed for safety reasons to measure the electrical conductivity of hydrocarbon fuels, particularly jet fuels. Subsequently, the meter was modified with other conductivity ranges to accommodate measurement of a variety of fluids for use in many different applications.


Hydrocarbon fuels typically have low electrical conductivity and consequently are susceptible to retaining a static charge. Static charges are  induced, especially, when the fuel is pumped at high rates through filters. Due to the relatively low conductivity, the static charge does not readily dissipate and is retained for a considerable period of time. This condition can result in an explosion and/or fire. Since conductivity can vary with temperature it is important to record the fuel temperature at which the measurement was performed.

Process Controls

In addition to safety reasons, electrical conductivity of fluids can be monitored for process control. Proper addition and mixing of various ingredients can be monitored at different stages of production. These applications are not limited to hydrocarbons, but have been expanded to other products; such as paints, solvents, inks, and other non-organic items. The stainless  steel probe is relatively unaffected by most acidic and caustic solutions.

Theory of Operation

The EMCEE Model 1152 meter consists of an electronics assembly and a detachable stainless steel probe. The probe, which is similar to a capacitor having concentric electrodes, is immersed into the fluid up to the set of holes closet to the electronics assembly. Depressing the “M” pushbutton causes a relatively small direct current to flow through the fluid between the electrodes. The current is amplified in the electronics assembly and is displayed on the liquid crystal display in picosiemens per meter (pS/m).




Máy đo độ dẫn để bàn

Model: CON 2700.

Code: ECCON270043S

Hãng sx: Eutech- Singapore

con2700 eutech

Chi tiết kỹ thuật:

Thang đo độ dẫn: 0.050 µS tới 500 mS

+ Độ phân giải: 0.01/ 0.1 µS; 0.001/0.01/0.1 mS

+ Độ chính xác: ± 1% toàn thang đo

+ Số điểm hiệu chuẩn: lên tới 5 điểm

Thang đo TDS: 0.05 ppm tới 500 ppt

+ Độ phân giải: 0.01/0.1 ppm; 0.001/0.01/0.1 ppt

+ Độ chính xác: ± 1% toàn thang đo

+ số điểm hiệu chuẩn: lên tới 5 điểm

Độ muối

+ Thang đo: 0.0 tới 80.0 ppt

+ Độ phân giải: 0.01/0.1 ppm; 0.001/0.01/0.1 ppt

+ Độ chính xác: ± 1% toàn thang đo

Suất điện trở

+ Thang: 2.000 Ω tới 20.0 Ω

+ Độ phân giải: 0.01/0.1 Ω; 0.001/0.1 KΩ; 0.01 M Ω

+ Độ chính xác: ± 1 toàn thang đo

Nhiệt độ

+ Thang đo (máy): 0.0 tới 100 oC

+ Độ phân giải: 0.10C

+ Độ chính xác: ± 0.30C

+ Bù nhiệt: ATC/MTC Nguồn: 9V DC adapter, 1.3A

Cổng giao diện: RS232

Bộ nhớ: lên tới 500 dữ liệu

Cung cấp bao gồm: máy chính, điện cực đo độ dẫn (code CONSEN9201D) , giá đỡ cho máy ,tài liệu hướng dẫn sử dụng và phiếu bảo hành

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