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Máy quấn chỉ, Hãng GUOLIANG, Trung Quốc

Model: YG086 Motorized Yarn Wrap Reel

máy quấn chỉ YG086

YG086 yarn wrap reel is used for the accurate determination of length test, thread density, branches or strength test of strand yarn for the textile yarns.
Transistor drive counter, good reliability and long life. 086A imported electronic tension sensor. No additional tension impact for winding yarn, test conditions stable, precise pre-tension to 1CN, figures show the number of winding yarn up to 999m, dynamic display winding yarn tension.
Technical Parameters:
Model YG086
Test yarn fray 6 frays
Spacing of yarn 60mm
Girth of yarn frame 1000 ±1mm
Rotational speed of Yarn frame 30 ~ 250rpm (stepless speed)
number of turns selectable range 2 ~ 999 turns
Reeling traversing recovery width 35 ± 0.5mm
Single yarn tension range 0 ~100cN
Power AC220V 50Hz 100W
Dimensions (mm) 780 (L) ×660 (W) × 480 (H)
Weight about 75Kg

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